prices for carpet cleaning
You don't have to look for the fine print because we don't have any.  Our pricing is straight forward with no hidden fees.  Our prices include taxes, spots, stains and service charges.  Our extra charges are stated upfront and those are for pet damage, repairs, and stairs.  You will always get a firm price before we start cleaning.  Our minimum is $99.

$0.32 per square foot. Includes all spots and stains!

$40 per staircase

If you have any need for pet enzymes we have you covered.
$25 to $50 per treated room of our specialized pet enzymes to eliminate pet urine smell.

We are also carpet repair technicians and would love to come give you a quote in your home.

Upolstery is $13 a linear foot for sofas.
Stuffed chairs are $45 each

If you have any questions or would like to get an estimate please call 

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