Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning


This is another very common type of cleaning method and is used by the largest carpet cleaning company in the world. This method usually involves vacuuming the carpet before cleaning to remove loose dirt and larger particles from the carpet. A cleaning solution is then sprayed on to the carpet. Using a rotary buffer a soft pile brush is then used to lightly scrub the carpet which helps the cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt and stains. An absorbent cloth pad or bonnet is then used to absorb the cleaning solution, dirt, soil and stains out of the carpet.

Step-by-Step Procedures for Bonnet or Dry Cleaning Method:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet, especially along the edges of the room.
  2. Pre-spray the carpet with the cleaning solution (only spray 1 or 2 rooms at a time or the solution may evaporate to quickly).
  3. Pre-scrub the carpet with a soft pile solution brush or grooming rake. This will work the solutions deeper into the carpet and help to dissolve the soil and stains much easier.
  4. Use a soft cotton bonnet on the carpet, make sure to go over the carpet multiple times in different directions. (The cotton bonnets will actually absorb more effectively if they are wet or damp before use.)
  5. Use any spot cleaning methods needed to remove spots not removed during regular cleaning process.
  6. Groom the carpet with a carpet brush or rake if possible.


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